Soldier of Christ

Faith is my Equipment

( movie analysis ). by Mark Lester F. Rabi

This is the true story of a hero. The incredible faith of a young man named Desmond T. Doss. He was the only American soldier in the World War II to fight on the front lines without a weapon. Believing that war cannot determine the true freedom and killing was against the law of God. He refused to carry gun but to serve only as an army medic. Desmond was a conscientious objector and Private First Class who won the Congressional Medal of Honor. Revealing his extraordinary bravery in the middle of the battlefield who saved 75 men of his fellow soldiers. He single handedly evacuated the wounded soldiers day and night near enemy lines and putting his own life on the line. Private Desmond survived during the first bloodiest battle in Okinawa without firing a shot.
The film Hacksaw Ridge brings a great desire and hope to anyone who are willing to surrender one’s personal life to our God. To fight along the battle without gun is not a joke. To believe that your mission is only to save people and not to kill inside the war is a hard thing. Who knows what could be happen in a single seconds despite a raining bullets in the field? How can be possible for a young man to survive during day and night alone near enemy lines? But the truth that Desmond was not alone. The most inspired part of the film is the scene when Desmond whispered, “Lord help me get one more please. Help me get one more”. In the book of Psalms 91:15 God invites: “Call upon Me, and I will answer”. Two thousand years ago in the account of Matthew 7:7 our Lord Jesus Christ sermon on the Mount and said “Ask and it shall be given to you, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened”. Desmond ask God to help him in rescuing wounded soldiers. As long as he saved from one injured soldier to an almost battalion with approximately 75 men. Problems are no more in terms of our God who receiver of our prayers but it comes to us who don’t yet ask anything in His name. The question is, when is the last time we bent our knees, drop our pride, go through a prayer and ask Him a forgiveness. How many times did we call upon the name of Jesus? This could be the perfect timing for us to surrender our life and change our weapon. Remember that if we are in Christ, we are always fighting for glory.
But before Desmond reach the battle, he seriously faced the difficulties and persecutions of his fellow soldiers within the training. They make him to look like a coward for being a conscientious objector. Some of them tries to provoke him by taking his bible and beat him in his bed at night, but he never fight back. Then after the first battle, other men amazed for what he has done. They can’t imagine the large number he saved. One of the Captain apologizes to Desmond for being doubts in him. Showing his incredible faith to stand with God in the battle is one thing that call their attention to believe what Desmond believed. In Romans 8:31, Paul encourage us to be courageous. He said “If God is with us who can be against us”.
The last attack falls on the Sabbath day, but they will not proceed without him because they see him as a miracle worker and feel they need a piece of miracle. He joins them anyway after praying for his men. For the last time, Desmond gets injured in the fight after kicking away grenades and continuing to bring men to safety. Americans defeat the Japanese troops after the bloodiest battle in Okinawa. Desmond had a minor injury but still alive. He is carried away and told he is going home. He asks for his bible and another soldier runs to get it to him. After of his heroics, he remained characteristically modest, giving all the credit to his God.
Battle is not only about the soldiers in the hills but also for us who didn’t yet free from our true enemies. How can we fight evil if they are more powerful than human? They are thief who come to steal. Kill and destroy many lives. But good news! God loves you, and Love was when God became a man. The facts that we are weak and cannot live free by our own understanding. When our Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross He offers us a great weapon. A weapon that when we accept Him and believe that He redeem us from our sins, we will be saved. The decision starts with us. Remember that God is the only hope we have. He is greater than storm and bigger than any challenges. How extraordinary! The Creator of the universe not only upholds us and helps us but also cares deeply about every moment we live. His word is our strength. Let’s fight the evil as we are the soldier of Christ.